Luxury mobile phones by Vertu

Costing more than or as much as an average family car, their mobile phones HAVE to be special, right?

Well, Vertu’s phones are hand-crafted, adorned with gold or platinum, and some are diamond-encrusted too, it all depends on which model you opt for.

If you ever do purchase one, it’s also likely to be one of a scarce few available, as Vertu tends only to produce small batches of each model. So I guess they kind of are a big deal.

With prices ranging from around £4,000 to £20,000, Vertu phones are most likely to be snapped up by the riches; Gwyneth Paltrow is rumoured to have purchased one in the past.

The mobiles are made from the most expensive materials including scratch-proof sapphire for the mobile screen, rubies, and fine leather you’d normally find lining the seats of a Rolls Royce.

Each one is handmade in factories in the UK.

The most brilliant, yet utterly, absurdly ridiculous feature of the Vertu phone is it’s Concierge service. Yes, you heard right, a Concierge service.

Vertu phones have a Concierge button which connects you directly with what is essentially your personal butler, who waits on you hand on foot. You tell the ‘concierge’ at the other end what you want, whether it be information on travel, entertainment, or hotels, and they will provide you with the detail you need.

This patented service, hosted by a team of Vertu’s operators, can be activated by simply pressing a key on the side of the phone.

A pessimist, however, could argue that you could simply achieve the same result with a little Googling using your internet-enabled device.

Funnily enough, Vertu, which launched in 2002, is actually a division of Nokia.

Vertu manufactures premium phones for the luxury mobile phone market. It could be said that they’re just Nokia’s in posh frocks, but I beg to differ after looking at their specifications and what they’re made of!

On closer inspection though, while mobile phones are generally shrinking in size and weight, Vertu’s are fairly chunky and slightly heavy too. They are bulky and likely to weigh your pocket down.

The screen functions and buttons on the Vertu could take a bit of getting used to too. But no points lost on appearance – they do look very exclusive.

To enhance this exclusivity, the Vertu phones are only available to buy at Vertu stores around the world, or at selected department stores like Selfridges and House of Fraser.

Vertu has competition though. There are also other luxury mobile makers including Gresso, Mobiado, GoldVish, LG, Prada, D&G, Motorola, Tag Heuer and more.

I hadn’t heard about Vertu phones until today, when the CEO at work walked in with one that wouldn’t stop making outrageously loud noises. They seem pretty cool, if you can afford them, and I hope to learn more about them – this is merely a quick introduction.

Read more about the Vertu phones on their website here.


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