Cyber Monday is on 6th December 2010. Save the date.

December 6th 2010. It’s the first Monday of the festive month, yet, it’s predicted to be the busiest online shopping day before Christmas itself – it’s Cyber Monday.

According to a new online survey by YouGov, 45% of British adults will make online purchases on Cyber Monday, and in the week leading up to it (29th November to 6th December) as retailers begin sales promotions a week in advance.

Of these adults, 27% will spend over £200 online for Christmas gifts this year. And 57% of those aged 25 to 44 plans to shop Cyber Monday week versus just 35% aged 55 and over.

This sales peak can be attributed to workers receiving their last pay cheque before Christmas, and taking advantage of the internet to make fast and convenient purchases from the comfort of their homes or their desks.

According to Matthew Cheng, MD of and creator of, “Not only are US based retailers like Apple and Adobe having global Cyber Monday sales this year, but now many UK retailers are embracing the Cyber Monday sale concept.”

The term ‘Cyber Monday’ was created by the National Retail Federation and announced in 2005 conjunction with the deployment of their own website designed to serve as a portal for Cyber Monday offers.

There are likely to be some great deals in the build up to Cyber Monday and on the day itself, so have your credit card at the ready!


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