Rubber band bracelet craze

In an era where the only thing children and teenagers want are Wii consoles, iPods and iPads, it’s refreshing to see that something as simple as a rubber band can grab their attention and trigger a mad craze.

These are not just ordinary rubber bands though. They are silicone bracelets that have been moulded into a variety of shapes.

These shapes cannot be seen when worn on the wrist, but snap back into their original forms once taken off.

This ‘rubber band bracelet trend’ has been fuelled by Silly Bandz, Crazy Bands and Zanybandz, all of which have produced these colourful rubbery accessories in a variety of themed shapes including bugs, animals, flowers, planets, people and more.

Kids and teens wear dozens of them stacked up in a jumble on their arms, and enjoy trading them with friends.

The coveted ones are those that glow in the dark, and although they only look like brightly coloured bands on one’s arm, each holds its own hidden meaning on closer inspection.

They are fun, inexpensive, collectible and liked by both boys and girls.

They usually come in packs of 10 or 20 and are relatively cheap.

The bands are so popular that they’ve even been banned in some schools!

This fad marks a nice change to the normal trend of buying expensive toys, like a console game, only to find that a newer, better version is being released at double the price, and flinging the old game into a drawer, never to be seen again.

If you’re looking for a quick stocking filler for a teenager or a child this Christmas, consider buying a pack of these!

They’re available at department stores like Fenwick and online at Amazon.


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