James Caan Foundation hosts charity screening of Jinnah

The James Caan Foundation (JCF) hosted a charity screening and panel discussion of the epic film ‘Jinnah’ on Wednesday night to raise money for victims of the Pakistan floods.

Approximately 100 people turned out for the film, which traces the footsteps, fortitude and bravery of the founding father of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

The fundraiser, which was co-hosted by Mara Pictures, took place at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London.

The film follows Jinnah, the man who forced the partition of India in 1947 after the British withdrawal. He was responsible for the birth of the nation of Pakistan. He died a year after the partition and unlike Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi; his name has faded into obscurity in the West.

The screening was followed by a panel discussion with entrepreneur James Caan, Jamil Dehlavi, the writer, producer and director of the film, Richard Lintern who played the young Jinnah and Robert Ashby who played Jawaharlal Nehru. The discussion was moderated by actor Art Malik.

The event aimed to raise awareness of the floods which struck Pakistan in July. Over 20 million people were affected, and 1.9 million houses were damaged or destroyed.

All proceeds obtained from the evening are being donated to The JCF’s Build A Village Project, which is building villages in the flood affected areas of Pakistan to help the survivors by providing them with shelter, clean water, healthcare facilities and sanitation.

Trustee of The Foundation, James Caan, said: “The JCF is committed to restoring people’s lives after the extreme devastation left by the floods. We chose to screen Jinnah because it teaches people about the foundations of Pakistan, which is very topical, considering what we’re doing to help those affected by the floods.

“The Build A Village project provides a model to rebuild homes, to provide clean water, education and healthcare facilities, which will be implemented by the best organisations in each component.

“The model will deliver new standards in transparency, credibility, cooperation and collaboration giving supporters access to see exactly where their donations are going, and assurances that their money goes directly to helping those who need it.”

For more information about the JCF, please visit http://www.thejcf.co.uk.


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