Snap up your seat in the audience and see a TV show live

Music legend Barry Manilow, classical superstar Katherine Jenkins, comedian Sean Lock, Strictly’s Anne Widdecombe and singer KT Tunstall will all be making appearances on tonight’s Graham Norton Show.

I was lucky enough to sit in the audience and see the show being filmed live with Graham and these high-profile guests, and wanted to let you know that you also have the chance of doing the same!

Not only do you get to make the noise that everybody watching the programme tonight will hear, you could even be on the show, as Graham makes a few trips into the audience, and so does the camera!

What’s more, you even get an exclusive advanced preview of the show.

Wondering how to get your tickets?

Log on to and opt for tickets for the shows you’d like to see live. You’ll be notified a few days before the show to let you know if you have secured them.

You may have to pay a small fee to guarantee your seats, but other than that, it’s totally free.

Being a part of the audience and seeing a show being shot before your eyes is quite an experience.

You see all the extraordinary manpower that goes into making the show, from handing massive industrial sized cameras, to getting the script to the presenters.

There were over 15 members of the crew working on the set at a time, and the amount of movement, running around, and the way they used different levels, from bending low with cameras to stretching them up high, was immense; it’s not surprising that they were so slim.

There were a few technical difficulties; as can be expected, for example when KT Tunstall performed her new song ‘Fade Like a Shadow’, her microphone suddenly gave way, and she ended up performing her song three times (enough for me to start liking it), and Graham had to retake a few lines to get them right on camera.

Yet, it’s these little intricacies which take place while filming that give you insight into the extraordinary effort and hard graft that the crew have to do to get the filming right.

Graham Norton is hilarious in real life, although the sound of his laughter can get annoying – it’s like he’s being slowly choked rather than giggling!

I didn’t know much about the Graham Norton Show and had never seen it before, but seeing it live has made me want to tune in each week.

It’s a fun-filled, laughter provoking chat show with celebrity guests. Seeing it live is a great night out.

Graham will mention this blog on tonight’s show: It’s actually hilarious, and worth checking out.

What’s a bid odd though is that the Graham Norton Show, which is aired on BBC1, was being filmed in ITV’s studios near Waterloo. Odd.


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