Weetabix, how do you eat yours?

Despite its rough texture and seemingly boring appearance, each slab is wholesome, packed with fibre and renowned for its nutrient qualities.

Weetabix is a popular cereal most commonly eaten for breakfast, served with hot or cold milk, and a sprinkle of sugar or fruit.

It comes in a variety of sizes and flavours now – bite-sized Minis, chocolate flavouring, and more.

The original Weetabix is definitely the least sugary and the most tasteless, available to buy without any added chocolate, nuts, raisins or any sort of spicing up.

Those who enjoy this Weetabix, often add their own toppings and mix it up with other things.

A bizarre combo, and personal favourite, is a slab of Weetabix with a thin layer of butter spread over the top.

This way, you get a satisfyingly big crunch with each mouthful and feel the butter melt over the crumbly wholegrain as you chew.

Although it makes quite a mess, it’s fantastic if you hate soggy cereal – due to the absorbent, light characteristics of each Weetabix, they get soaked and soggy, quickly taking on the texture of porridge and mush – so this is a great way to avoid the sogginess.

Something more bizarre I’ve heard someone say is that they enjoy their Weetabix not only with butter, but also with jam too.

How do you enjoy your Weetabix? I’m very eager to know!

Have you ever tried yours with melted cheese or peanut butter? I want to try Weetabix in other ways – suggestions please!


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