Mr Pretzels in Westfield London – simply delicious

When you think of Pretzels, do you think of the hard, salted, crunchy ones that you often see being sold by the roadside in American movies?

Well, did you know that these knot-shaped treats also come in a soft, sweet, doughy, melt-in-your-mouth variety too?

Hand-rolled, freshly baked soft pretzels are the signature product of Mr Pretzels, an American franchise brand, which has set up a stall in Westfield shopping centre in London.

The pretzels are utterly delicious and very reasonably priced – at approximately £3, you get a very large sized, warm pretzel, fresh from the oven, and this single serving can easily be shared between two people.

I recommend the cinnamon and sugar topping; it adds a texture to your bite and leaves your fingers covered in sugar and cinnamon grains! The chocolate topping is also popular.

It’s left my mouth watering and I only ate it a few hours ago – get yourself down there and let your taste buds have a sugar rush – it’s opposite the Desigual store inside the shopping mall.

Don’t worry if you’re a savoury snack fan, they also do alternative sugar-free pretzel flavourings too.


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