City Golf Club London – the ‘something for everyone’ venue; great for all occasion parties, corporate events, team building days and more

Sing your heart out to the latest songs, have a swing in a golf game or take on the role of a drummer in a rock band at City Golf Club.

This contemporary, stylish venue gives you a chance to put on a unique experience for your guests.

Whether they are friends, family or clients, you can put on a party, which caters to everybody, regardless of their age.

With six state of the art simulators each with its own 12 ft screen, you can pick which activities are loaded onto each. You can choose from golfing, F1 rally driving, flight simulation, as well as games from the latest consoles including the Nintendo Wii and Playstations 2 and 3.

You could even arrange for a film to be put on or a live football match to be shown on one of the screens.

The golf simulator gives you a choice of various games including longest drive, full 18 holes or texas scramble – definitely a hit with the lads. You get your own sets of golf clubs and swing balls into a simulator screen, to be told how far it went, whether it actually made it into a whole, and who putted the furthest if you’re playing against others.

The F1 rally driving is also popular with two people being able to race against one another while sitting side by side in simulator seats and using the steering wheels to race their cars.

Great for groups is Nintendo Wii’s Guitar Hero – the venue provides a guitar, a drum kit and a microphone and groups of three or more can take to synchronising their sounds to recreate classic rock songs.

There are also the classic Wii and Wii Fit games allowing you to throw a punch at others, play tennis, snow board or participate in the Olympics.

Those who aren’t being entertained by the simulators can sip cocktails at the bar, chill out on the comfy sofas lining the venue, listen to the music pumping from the venue or watch the picture slide show on the massive projector screen and cringe at embarrassing photos of themselves.

The simulators are great for keeping the kids entertained.

The karaoke system can be used in conjunction with the simulators, and is fantastic. It offers over 3,000 songs, many of which are current. It’s great fun to laugh at the failings of others!

The venue is exclusively available to hire and caters to approximately 250 guests.

Other great perks about the venue include a staffed cloakroom, toilets which provide free use of GHD straighteners, and exceptional service from staff.

Read more about it here.

City Golf Club, 40 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5EH


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