What to do with old MAC Cosmetics make-up containers: recycle them

If you’ve got empty (or full) MAC Cosmetics make-up tubs or containers that you no longer need, don’t throw them away.

MAC Cosmetics has a great environmentally-friendly campaign, called ‘Back to MAC’, which kindly recycles your full or empty make-up containers, and rewards you with a free MAC lipstick (worth about £13), in return.

So, collect six used MAC plastic make-up containers and take them to your local MAC Counter, and you’ll get to pick a lipstick to take home, for free!

Spread the word to friends and family – and if they’re not planning to take advantage of the Back to MAC campaign, you might want to ask (cheeky!) if you can collect their empty containers, too.

I realise that this campaign has been around for a while, but after I brought it up in conversation today, I discovered that everybody isn’t actually aware of it – and considering how much ladies tend to splash out on MAC makeup, it seems silly not to take advantage of it.

For more information about Back to MAC, click here.


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