Holi One Festival brings colour to Battersea Power Station

Holi One Festival London BatterseaRainbow clouds of powder enveloped the air at Battersea Power Station this weekend as Holi One Festival took over.

Over 10,000 revellers partied under the sun, and smothered themselves – and everybody else – in coloured powder to a countdown every hour until 10pm.

As if someone from above were sprinkling Rainbow Dust (the old school, sherbet straw sweets) over the grounds, the air was vibrant.

With booze, food and thousands of kilograms of coloured powder, it was a messy day (in all senses!) for all.

Inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, which takes place in India to celebrate the arrival of spring and create a sense of cheer and togetherness, Holi One Festival put on a magical display – and emulated this atmosphere.

Complete strangers exploding colour over one another; laughing, dancing, making new friends, and going home with multi-coloured faces and hair: it was a happy time.

This article is also published on Londonist.com.


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