Twenty things 90s kids will remember…

Remember the days when Safeway still existed, and the best phone around was a Nokia 3310? I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately, and it’s got me thinking back to the old-school days.

If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, prepare for a throwback. Back in the 80 and 90s…

slap bracelet fashion 80s

1. Patterned fabric wrapped around a piece of metal? Hell yes. A slap bracelet was the in thing.


2. The coolest item to wash with was a Body Shop animal soap. Or else, if you were anything like me, you’d just collect them on your shelf.

softplay ball pit

3. Friends’ birthday parties would be held at soft play centres, and when you entered the ball pit, you knew sh*t was about to go down!

microsoft encarta encyclopedia

4. Other than going to the library and getting out a book, our only digital resource for research for homework was Microsoft Encarta.

retro penny sweets

5. Penny sweets actually cost 1p each. You could come away with handfuls of jelly strawberries, foam bananas, cola bottles, pink shrimps, snakes and laces for under 40p. If you were pushing the boat out, you’d stock up on Irn Bru bars, Dib dab and Nerds.


6. An Ellessee jumper was the thing to be seen in.

msn messenger

7. You’d go home from school and log in to MSN Messenger, and continue conversing with your friends, even though you’d seen them all day.

Cola Float with Two Straws in It

8. Forget Oreo or Ferrero Rocher milkshakes, we had Coke floats.

home alone film

9. Returning home from school, you’d get in front of the television and prepare for Jumanji, Art Attack, The Chuckle Brothers or Goosebumps to come on. Or else you’d flip on the video recorder and push in a tape of Home Alone, and recite all Kevin’s lines aloud before he said them (a personal favourite was “Keep the change you filthy animal”).

alien baby toy

10. Everyone believed the rumour that the aliens could have babies. Apparently you had to rub a girl and a boy aliens’ backs together. It was a lie.

old school projector

11. Teachers used a projector that looked like it belonged somewhere else, away from a classroom.


12. Teletubbies was tainted by the claim that Tinky Winky was gay, because he had a hand bag.

spring toy

13. You’d get a spring (or slinky) for your birthday and play with it for hours on end, especially on the stairs.

view master slidepolly pocket

14. As the years went on, the toys did get more elaborate though: remember these? View-Master Slide Viewer, Polly Pocket, stickle bricks, hama beads, Game Boy, a Guiness Book of World Records.

blue peter badge

15. The one thing every kid coveted was a Blue Peter badge.

spice girls

16. Spice Girls, Steps, Aqua (“I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world…”), Sisqo: those were the sounds of our childhood


17. You could enjoy a fun day out for less than £10,inflatable rucksack in tow. It’d cost 40p to jump on the bus and only £4 for a cinema ticket.


18. We’d play with toys that had unexplainable purposes, like these water slinkies.

push pop

19. You’d try and eat just a little of your push pop at a time, storing it in its plastic tube for the rest of the time.



20. The toy trends ranged from marbles (remember the game Marble Run?), trolls and pogs to Tamagotchis and Furbies. No iPad or ianything necessary!

Can you think of anything else? Leave me a comment with it if you can… It’s always fun to reminisce the good times.


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