Cosy up for Pillow Cinema

pillow cinema hot tub cinema shoreditch

When the cold, dark nights draw in, there’s nothing better than snuggling up indoors to watch a movie.

The makers of Hot Tub Cinema have timed their latest invention – Pillow Cinema – correctly then, as they invite Londoners to settle in for movie nights complete with comfy beanbags, pillows, blankets and snacks, at the former Shoreditch Underground Station.

Cosiness is guaranteed – snuggling is optional – at Pillow Cinema, which dubs itself ‘the cosiest night in, night out’. You’re essentially going out (to Shoreditch) but going in (as you’ll be indoors), and you’re encouraged to take whatever makes you feel at home, for example pyjamas.

It’s really roomy in the movie room, and you’ll be provided with a Fatboy beanbag, which comfortably sleeps/sits two medium-sized persons, but you can take pillows if you want, or hire them there. We cheekily just rolled up our coats and used them as head supports, so do the same if you can’t be bothered to lug a pillow out with you.

You might think that because Pillow Cinema is housed in a disused train station, it would have a cold atmosphere, but it’s actually really warm in the movie room, which can hold about 60 people in one viewing. You also get a blanket to snuggle under – a nice touch. Most of all, you don’t really get too many reminders of the old train station, other than a few exposed brick walls and some steps.

The venue is very close to Shoreditch High Street railway station, and so during the movie you often hear the sound of trains whizzing past outside – in our case, the noises only added to the eerie theme of the film we went to see (Black Swan). It’s also something a little different to your usual Vue or Odeon cinema.

But as with our every day cinemas, the venue operates a first come, first served policy on bean bags, so get there on time to secure your spot, and so you have maximum snuggle time!

Find out about future screenings and book here:


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