Getting into the Christmas spirit at Camden’s Tea & Crafting


You wouldn’t think you’d be able to find a place of such tranquility within the hustle and bustle of Camden Market, but Tea & Crafting, located within Camden Lock, is just that.

A room where you can be creative and learn new crafts with the help of a lovely teacher, Tea & Crafting is intimate and hands-on.

I visited for a massively therapeutic one-and-a-half-hour-long needle felting class on Sunday morning, where I was joined by four other ladies to make Christmas tree baubles.

Needle felting, I learned, is a simple technique where you create a felt-like effect, using a sharp barbed needle and wool. Our teacher Holly gave us a quick introduction to the craft technique before letting us get stuck in. The needle stabbing motion we were required to do was great for letting off any steam we’d mustered up during the busy working week!

We were all served a cup of tea and a miniature cake, which we swiftly forgot to drink/eat as we became engrossed in the task itself. Holly kept a watchful eye on our progress and helped us through each step.

Time flew – as it does when you’re having a good time – and we all came away with a new skill under our belts, and something cute to hang on our Christmas trees.

I particularly loved the displays dotted around the Tea & Crafting room, featuring other homemade items that can be made in the classes, from crochet baubles, mittens and socks, cute amigurumi animals and snap purses.

The needle felting class was a vey satisfying, stress-free and enjoyable way to start to my Sunday, and it left me with a spring in my step all day.


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