Ballin’: a pop-up ball pit for adults in Hammersmith

I’d always hoped that someone would invent a soft play area specifically for adults – you did too, right? Well, the clever folk over at creative agency Pearlfisher have sort of answered our prayers… They’ve created a ball pit for adults in London to frolic in.

The 30-person pit is somewhere you can relive your childhood memories, play to your heart’s content, and have a right old balls-up! It’s for big and little kids alike, and what’s more, it’s totally free to visit!

After thrashing around in the 81,000 white balls for a good hour and a half, we were feeling content, albeit tired (it really does take it out of you!). We came away with enlarged smiles and lots of hilarious slow-mo videos to show for our activity.

The lovely lot at Pearlfisher are also donating £1 for every person that visits to nominated charity Right to Play, so you’ll be having a ball (excuse the pun!) for a good cause. The installation is only around till February, so get in there before it closes.

Plan your visit

Address: Pearlfisher Gallery: 50 Brook Green, W6 7BJ

Open till 13 February 2015,  Monday-Friday, 10am – 5pm

Find out more information about the interactive winter art installation Jump In!


Jump in! is an interactive art installation that promotes the transformative power of play.

Studies have shown that play can bring about extraordinary results for creative thinking, which is why design agency Pearlfisher has partnered with charity Right To Play this winter to champion the transformative power of joyful play, in order to educate and empower children facing adversity.

Update: Now that Jump In! has closed, here are some alternative “play” activities for adults: rock climbing, Oxygen freejumping and hours of fun at Playzone Portsmouth.


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