Hanging out in the Walkie Talkie’s Sky Garden

sky garden walkie talkie fenchurch street

Taking in the city from high above usually comes with a catch… You’ve either got to queue up for ages, pay an entry fee or else spend loads on food and drink to compensate for a good view. But over at the new Sky Garden (located at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street, aka the Walkie Talkie building), entry is free, there’s a relaxed and unpretentious vibe, and you’re not obliged to spend.heart london view

I love to stop, stand and stare at London – its something busy Londoners rarely take time to do – and this new attraction provides the perfect excuse.

There’s lots to explore, and the views from 35 floors up are wonderful, too. It’s a relaxing, spacious place that’s great for reflection, and because visitor numbers are controlled it doesn’t get overly busy, so you won’t be elbowing others for a good view!

Even though the entry tickets specify that you’re only allowed in for just over an hour, it’s not entirely true: you won’t be kicked out, london sunsetand can spend as long as you like up there. If you’re thirsty or hungry, there’s food and drink available, with cocktails starting from £11.50.

We picked the 7pm time slot to visit, so that we could watch the sun set over London – and see it both by day and by night.

Plan your visit

You’ve got to book to visit the Sky Garden, although tickets are entirely free. Just fill out this form for tickets and remember to take picture ID with you when you go.


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