Bubblewrap: Insta-famous bubble waffle store is opening in Chinatown


The Hong Kong-inspired bubble waffle cone doing the rounds on Instagram is setting up shop in Chinatown from 8 March.

For the past two years, Tony Fang, founder of the aptly named brand Bubblewrap – which started life as his university project at Imperial College Business School in 2015 – has been serving up these yummy waffles (£6~ each) at markets across London.

To celebrate the opening on Wardour Street, Bubblewrap is offering a two-for-one deal on waffles purchased within the first two weeks. You can completely customise a Bubblewrap with the choice of three flavours of waffle (plain, cocoa, matcha), six varieties of gelato, fourteen toppings and nine sauces.


The sweet, crisp waffles originate from Hong Kong and are much lighter on the stomach than you’d think. Eat bite has a gentle, satisfying crunch, and this makes for a great dessert, or just a snack.

It’s hard to eat a Bubblewrap in a civilised manner (especially if you get one with whipped cream), but I’d recommend this: hold the card wrapper at the bottom with your hand and use your fork and your mouth interchangeably to get it in your gob.

How did the concept come about? In the early 1950s egg waffles first appeared in Hong Kong to avoid wasting broken eggs that could not be sold to customers; industrious stall-owners created an egg-shaped iron machine and blended the broken eggs with milk and flour to make this meaningful and tasty waffle. It has since become a popular street snack in Hong Kong and now London.

Find Bubblewrap at 24 Wardour Street, WID 6QJ, seven days a week from 10.30am -11.30pm.

PS, if you’re closer to east London and tempted to try this, there’s also Nosteagia at Pump Shoreditch, which serves up a very similar snack.


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