Weetabix, how do you eat yours?

Despite its rough texture and seemingly boring appearance, each slab is wholesome, packed with fibre and renowned for its nutrient qualities. Weetabix is a popular cereal most commonly eaten for breakfast, served with hot or cold milk, and a sprinkle of sugar or fruit. It comes in a variety of sizes and flavours now –Continue reading “Weetabix, how do you eat yours?”

Wintery weather takes its toll on eczema sufferers

The biting cold is back, and this is bad news for eczema sufferers like myself. Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is characterised by dry, scaly, flaky, red and irritated skin. The wintery air makes the skin dry and very itchy, and it eventually cracks and bleeds. People with eczema get patches of inflammation, oftenContinue reading “Wintery weather takes its toll on eczema sufferers”

Snap up your seat in the audience and see a TV show live

Music legend Barry Manilow, classical superstar Katherine Jenkins, comedian Sean Lock, Strictly’s Anne Widdecombe and singer KT Tunstall will all be making appearances on tonight’s Graham Norton Show. I was lucky enough to sit in the audience and see the show being filmed live with Graham and these high-profile guests, and wanted to let youContinue reading “Snap up your seat in the audience and see a TV show live”

Protests and tuition fees: both are costing more than can be imagined

The debate regarding tuition fees was today officially drowned out. Images of peaceful protests were replaced by images of hooded students defacing the streets and monuments of London, littering, lighting fires, and even trying to confront members of the Royal family. Despite an initially ‘peaceful’ protest, antisocial behaviour and unmerciful protesting soon took over. WhileContinue reading “Protests and tuition fees: both are costing more than can be imagined”

Beware: VAT set to rise to 20 per cent in the New Year

If you live in the UK and you’re thinking of buying a high price item in the near future – a new computer or new car perhaps – you should probably nip out and buy it before the New Year. From January 4 2011, value added tax (VAT) will jump from 17.5 per cent toContinue reading “Beware: VAT set to rise to 20 per cent in the New Year”

The other side of the tube strike; what you don’t realise

As the fourth one-day tube strike gets underway (it began at 18.29 today and is due to finish tomorrow), commuters face more havoc and trouble getting around. The root cause of the constant strikes is a disagreement between London Underground management and the two unions representing their staff. The unions are taking action over plansContinue reading “The other side of the tube strike; what you don’t realise”

What does the ability to read mean to you?

After graduating yesterday and National Book Week having passed by last month (4-10 October), a question had slowly brewed in my mind. At first I thought it was a silly question and one which didn’t really apply to me. On closer inspection though, I realised that it actually had very serious implications and it deservedContinue reading “What does the ability to read mean to you?”

James Caan Foundation hosts charity screening of Jinnah

The James Caan Foundation (JCF) hosted a charity screening and panel discussion of the epic film ‘Jinnah’ on Wednesday night to raise money for victims of the Pakistan floods. Approximately 100 people turned out for the film, which traces the footsteps, fortitude and bravery of the founding father of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. The fundraiser,Continue reading “James Caan Foundation hosts charity screening of Jinnah”

Rubber band bracelet craze

In an era where the only thing children and teenagers want are Wii consoles, iPods and iPads, it’s refreshing to see that something as simple as a rubber band can grab their attention and trigger a mad craze. These are not just ordinary rubber bands though. They are silicone bracelets that have been moulded intoContinue reading “Rubber band bracelet craze”

Cyber Monday is on 6th December 2010. Save the date.

December 6th 2010. It’s the first Monday of the festive month, yet, it’s predicted to be the busiest online shopping day before Christmas itself – it’s Cyber Monday. According to a new online survey by YouGov, 45% of British adults will make online purchases on Cyber Monday, and in the week leading up to itContinue reading “Cyber Monday is on 6th December 2010. Save the date.”

Children… this is why we love them!

Here’s a classroom scenario with a teacher asking her young pupils questions. Children are quick, and the things they say are unintentionally entertaining. ____________________________________ TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America. MARIA: Here it is. TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America? CLASS: Maria. ____________________________________ TEACHER: John, why are you doing yourContinue reading “Children… this is why we love them!”

Luxury mobile phones by Vertu

Costing more than or as much as an average family car, their mobile phones HAVE to be special, right? Well, Vertu’s phones are hand-crafted, adorned with gold or platinum, and some are diamond-encrusted too, it all depends on which model you opt for. If you ever do purchase one, it’s also likely to be oneContinue reading “Luxury mobile phones by Vertu”

Simply indulge at Dudley’s

Can you recall those pancakes you made on Shrove Tuesday? Lumpy, thick, and barely rounded? Well, you’ll be relieved to hear about Dudley’s Pancake House. Bigger than your average pizza, and thin as a sheet, the pancakes by chefs at Dudley’s are simply yummy. With a crisp edge, each pancake is so fresh that youContinue reading “Simply indulge at Dudley’s”

Surprise surprise, grads struggle in job hunt

The graduates of today generally fall into one of four categories: a) Unemployed, b) Interning c) In higher education or d) Employed in a different sector to that they studied. Most of those in the ‘unemployed’ category are frustrated, stressed and depressed. ‘Interns’ feel overworked and cheesed off that they are working their arses offContinue reading “Surprise surprise, grads struggle in job hunt”

Busaba Eatthai Restaurant, Bond Street branch

If you’re after an authentic Thai dining experience, visit a branch of Busaba. As soon as you walk through the door in the Bird Street branch, you’re greeted with a warm, thick aroma of green curry mixed with spices. Solid oak tables and benches line the big restaurant space, and low lights dip in theContinue reading “Busaba Eatthai Restaurant, Bond Street branch”

324 bus route between Stanmore and Brent Cross is now in full swing

Last Saturday (23 October) saw the start of a new bus route, which aims to provide a convenient link between Stanmore and Brent Cross. The 324 service runs between Stanmore Station and Brent Cross Tesco, and serves Stanmore Broadway, Old Church Lane, Abercorn Road, St Andrew’s Drive, Culver Grove and Colindeep Lane. It also servesContinue reading “324 bus route between Stanmore and Brent Cross is now in full swing”

James Caan: the only thing he is guilty of is caring

The predominantly negative response to James Caan’s ‘baby buying scandal’ has really baffled me. So he let his heart rule over his head for a few minutes, so what? He’s only human. More importantly, he didn’t actually go through with it; he didn’t take the baby from its family. Compare his experience to that ofContinue reading “James Caan: the only thing he is guilty of is caring”

Twitter versus Facebook: the two social networks are like chalk and cheese

Facebook lovers who are hesitant to join Twitter often ask, ‘What’s so special about Twitter? What can you do with it?’ It’s a fair question and on careful inspection, it seems that Facebook and Twitter couldn’t be more different. Although they are based around the same concept; to connect people and allow them to shareContinue reading “Twitter versus Facebook: the two social networks are like chalk and cheese”

Introducing Mesry Shisha, Harrow’s hidden gem

MESRY SHISHA HAS NOW CLOSED DOWN. If you’re looking for a warm, cosy and friendly place to chill out this winter, check out Mesry Shisha, a family-run Lebanese bistro and shisha lounge in Harrow. Serving everything from delicious Oreo milkshakes to tasty shawarmas, there’s something for everybody on the menu. You can satisfy your sweetContinue reading “Introducing Mesry Shisha, Harrow’s hidden gem”

Marmite churns out a Very Peculiar chocolate bar

It’s an unusual combo, and it is likely to divide the nation. Marmite has done the unthinkable, and released a somewhat controversial chocolate bar. The ‘Very Peculiar’ 100g bar combines milk chocolate with yeast spread, onion powder and garlic powder, and is now available on supermarket shelves. It reeks of the much-loved, and much-hated, MarmiteContinue reading “Marmite churns out a Very Peculiar chocolate bar”