Marmite churns out a Very Peculiar chocolate bar

It’s an unusual combo, and it is likely to divide the nation. Marmite has done the unthinkable, and released a somewhat controversial chocolate bar. The ‘Very Peculiar’ 100g bar combines milk chocolate with yeast spread, onion powder and garlic powder, and is now available on supermarket shelves. It reeks of the much-loved, and much-hated, MarmiteContinue reading “Marmite churns out a Very Peculiar chocolate bar”

Schoolboy wins recording day with grime artist Tinchy Stryder

A SCHOOLBOY from Barnet was waxing lyrical about his chance to rap with grime artist Tinchy Stryder. Jake Waksman, 12, was put through his paces by the 24-year-old chart-topper, after winning a Disney XD Aim High mentorship. Jake, who attends JFS School in Kingsbury, wants to be a rapper when he is older. He said:Continue reading “Schoolboy wins recording day with grime artist Tinchy Stryder”

BOOK about locked-in syndrome: In the blink of an eye, by Hasso and Catherine Von Bredow

This uplifting memoir describes the struggles of a 42-year-old, family-orientated City banker, whose life is brought to a standstill after he suffers a major stroke. He becomes a prisoner in his own body; paralysed, unable to speak or eat, but retains his ability to see and hear. Medically, this is called locked-in syndrome. Yet, hisContinue reading “BOOK about locked-in syndrome: In the blink of an eye, by Hasso and Catherine Von Bredow”

Royal China, a newcomer to Harrow

With its elegant decor and yummy food, this Chinese restaurant provides a fine dining experience. As soon as you enter, you get the impression that you are eating out in a stylish central London restaurant. The place is peppered with rich golden hues, it is spacious and the lighting is dimmed. Prices are, you couldContinue reading “Royal China, a newcomer to Harrow”