A blissful Ayurvedic massage at Ayurveda Pura

The feeling of hot oil being trickled all over your body is like no other. The only comparison I can make is that of a chunk of Galaxy caramel slowly melting in your mouth. Mmm. It is in an ayurveda abhyanga (sorry for throwing these two words at you so soon – I’ll explain inContinue reading “A blissful Ayurvedic massage at Ayurveda Pura”

Crazy for cleansing balm

While I was working at a women’s magazine about 4 years ago, I was recommended by the beauty editor to invest in a skin cleansing balm. I didn’t quite get the idea of cleansing balms at the time, but after work that same day I picked up the Eve Lom cleanser (the beauty editor hadContinue reading “Crazy for cleansing balm”

Roger & Gallet: gorgeously-scented luxury every day

It’s not often that I have a new beauty brand crush, but after discovering Roger & Gallet, a Parisian brand, earlier this year, I have become a little bit obsessed. The main reasons why I’m digging Roger & Gallet is because its products feel luxurious, and each carries its own exquisitely rich scent, which lingersContinue reading “Roger & Gallet: gorgeously-scented luxury every day”

What to do with old MAC Cosmetics make-up containers: recycle them

If you’ve got empty (or full) MAC Cosmetics make-up tubs or containers that you no longer need, don’t throw them away. MAC Cosmetics has a great environmentally-friendly campaign, called ‘Back to MAC’, which kindly recycles your full or empty make-up containers, and rewards you with a free MAC lipstick (worth about £13), in return. So,Continue reading “What to do with old MAC Cosmetics make-up containers: recycle them”