A sweet addition to Soho: The Pudding Bar pop-up

It’s cool how even if you’re full to the brim, you can always manage to find room for dessert, right? Dessert is my ultimate guilty pleasure, so it was with great excitement that I headed over to sample the sweet treats on offer at The Pudding Bar, a new pop-up on Greek Street that’s all about afters. ItContinue reading “A sweet addition to Soho: The Pudding Bar pop-up”

London’s best foodie tours

What better way to explore the city than to eat your way through it? As you’re introduced to famous and tucked-away spots, and as you hear new tales of London’s past, you can sample local fare along the way. Plus, you get to discover places you didn’t knew existed, and find new foodie joints toContinue reading “London’s best foodie tours”

A nine-course feast for the ladies, Benihana-style

Theatrical knife-wielding chefs, delicious freshly cooked dishes, upbeat music and an extensive cocktail list combine to make for a distinctive and memorable dining experience at Benihana. The Japanese Steakhouse, which pioneers group teppan dining – where your dinner is cooked right in front of you on a hot plate by a flamboyant chef who performs allContinue reading “A nine-course feast for the ladies, Benihana-style”

The cutest café in zone 4: The Doll’s House on the Hill

If I ever own a café, I want it to be exactly like The Doll’s House. It’s highly unlikely that I’m ever going to own a café, but at this moment in time, that’s irrelevant. Set up in a converted Georgian house, this cute, quaint and cosy café/tea room is a dream for every girlContinue reading “The cutest café in zone 4: The Doll’s House on the Hill”

A peek inside Hema’s first UK store in London Victoria

You feel a tinge of excitement as you enter the new Dutch homeware store Hema in London’s Victoria Station. All is colourful, bright and tidy, and because it’s new territory (being the first store to open in the UK) you have a real urge to explore every corner. Your exploration won’t be in vain –Continue reading “A peek inside Hema’s first UK store in London Victoria”

Holi One Festival brings colour to Battersea Power Station

Rainbow clouds of powder enveloped the air at Battersea Power Station this weekend as Holi One Festival took over. Over 10,000 revellers partied under the sun, and smothered themselves – and everybody else – in coloured powder to a countdown every hour until 10pm. As if someone from above were sprinkling Rainbow Dust (the oldContinue reading “Holi One Festival brings colour to Battersea Power Station”

The Mauritian Open Air Festival is back for 2013

You’ll feel fully immersed in Mauritian culture at this lively outdoor celebration on Sunday 18th August at Down Lane Park in Tottenham, as it brings you traditional cuisine from the island of tropical paradise, plus a host of entertainment including dancing and live performances from some of the Mauritius’ biggest musical stars. Kick back and enjoyContinue reading “The Mauritian Open Air Festival is back for 2013”

Anyone for a crafty surprise?

Craft has become cool again. What was once resigned to the classroom has been reinvented and given a grown-up twist thanks to the likes of Drink Shop & Do, I Knit London, Print Club London, Homemade London and co. For those wanting to dip their little toe in the craft revival, Homemade London has recentlyContinue reading “Anyone for a crafty surprise?”

Glamping: how to survive and what to take camping

Glamping is camping with added glamour and luxury. It combines the fun and freedom of camping with a few home comforts, so it’s great for ladies who can’t do without their hairdryers, and fellas who can’t go a night without their electric toothbrushes. With glamping, you can bypass the long, fiddly process of setting upContinue reading “Glamping: how to survive and what to take camping”

Soho Joe – great value, quality Italian food

Where else could you possibly get a 12″ quality pizza for £8 in the heart of London? Exactly. SOLD! Soho Joe is an all-day restaurant serving rustic, tasty Italian food that is great value for money. The family-run restaurant has a lived-in, homely feel and evening meals are lit up by candlelight, making it cosyContinue reading “Soho Joe – great value, quality Italian food”

Wireless festival in Hyde Park – what to expect plus a few hilarious observations

This was the first year that I made it to the Wireless Festival at Hyde Park in London. Having finally witnessed what I have been missing, I am certain that I will be going again, again and again. I’ve compiled a few personal observations – mostly things that I was amused by or would haveContinue reading “Wireless festival in Hyde Park – what to expect plus a few hilarious observations”

Mr Pretzels in Westfield London – simply delicious

When you think of Pretzels, do you think of the hard, salted, crunchy ones that you often see being sold by the roadside in American movies? Well, did you know that these knot-shaped treats also come in a soft, sweet, doughy, melt-in-your-mouth variety too? Hand-rolled, freshly baked soft pretzels are the signature product of MrContinue reading “Mr Pretzels in Westfield London – simply delicious”