Survival box for students going to university

Whether it’s your friend, daughter, cousin or nephew going off to university, you’ll want to send them away with something useful and meaningful. A student survival hamper, packed with all the items they might not have thought about – but will likely need – does just that. It will be gratefully received – and they’llContinue reading “Survival box for students going to university”

Protests and tuition fees: both are costing more than can be imagined

The debate regarding tuition fees was today officially drowned out. Images of peaceful protests were replaced by images of hooded students defacing the streets and monuments of London, littering, lighting fires, and even trying to confront members of the Royal family. Despite an initially ‘peaceful’ protest, antisocial behaviour and unmerciful protesting soon took over. WhileContinue reading “Protests and tuition fees: both are costing more than can be imagined”