Brussels in 48 hours

Contrary to popular belief, Brussels sprouts aren’t famous in Brussels. Turns out, they were just cultivated there many years ago, and were therefore named after the Belgian city. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move onto what Brussels is really good for – beer, chocolate and waffles. Yes, totally shamazing, mouthwatering chocolate and waffles,Continue reading “Brussels in 48 hours”

The Waffle House, St Albans – the perfect place for Sunday brunch

Waffles with eggs and bacon, waffles with ice cream, waffles with mushrooms, waffles with maple syrup… the list goes on. The Waffle House gives you what you’d expect; waffles with everything! Ideal for Sunday breakfast, dessert or a quick snack, there is bound to be something to suit your tastes from the variety of sweetContinue reading “The Waffle House, St Albans – the perfect place for Sunday brunch”