Simply indulge at Dudley’s

Can you recall those pancakes you made on Shrove Tuesday? Lumpy, thick, and barely rounded?

Well, you’ll be relieved to hear about Dudley’s Pancake House.

Bigger than your average pizza, and thin as a sheet, the pancakes by chefs at Dudley’s are simply yummy.

With a crisp edge, each pancake is so fresh that you can tear each mouthful away with your fork – there’s no need for a knife!

They’re so divine that it’s difficult to believe there’s little more than flour, eggs and milk to them.

Dudley’s offers a fascinating combination of fillings to accompany them too.

Some of savoury fillings include Four Season Cheeses, Tex-Mex and Ratatouille! The sweet fillings have everything from Crunchie Bars to your average bananas.

And if the fillings specified don’t satisfy your cravings, you can opt to create your own extravaganza!

Dudley’s not only serve pancakes, they also make traditional Belgian waffles, gourmet bagels, American style waffles, salads and more.

Each item on the menu is mouth-watering, and that makes it tough for you to decide what to have.

Portions are very generous, and you’ll probably gasp with excitement when you see the humungous pancakes being placed in front of you. One pancake could even fill two tummies.

Prices are reasonable, and the surroundings are cool, intimate and comfortable.

With soothing blues music playing in the background, Dudley’s has a chilled atmosphere and friendly staff, and you’re guaranteed to visit again.

Dudley’s Pancake House, 60 High Street, Barnet, Hertfordshire , London EN5 5SJ, 020 8364 8040. There is another branch located in Stroud.

Check out for more information.


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