Best iPhone alarm, reminder and timer app – Alarmed

It’s simple and easy to set a reminder thanks to the tap and scroll options within Alarmed

After swapping my BlackBerry for an iPhone last year, I was left feeling slightly lost without my hundreds of reminders popping up on my screen every hour, telling me to pick up the washing, make a booking, return my library books…

The reminder facility offered by the iPhone through its Calendar and Reminders app, wasn’t sufficient and wasn’t my fulfilling my obsession for being organised and on top of things; it was very long-winded to enter or add an entry, had reminders that couldn’t be snoozed, and I felt they didn’t ‘pester’ me enough. Thankfully though, after scouring through the App Store and downloading and testing lots of reminder apps, I found gold: the app, suitably named, Alarmed.

Alarmed is an all-in-one alarm, reminder and timer app that is very easy and quick to use. It provides pop-up reminder alerts that can be snoozed and auto-repeated; timers to countdown as well as up; an alarm clock facility as well as a Nag-Me feature which repeats timers every minute until they are acknowledged.

Alarmed is the main thing (as well as my diary) that helps me to organise my life, and I would be lost without it – I’d definitely recommend it, and it’s free! Get it for yourself here.

Oh, and there goes my reminder to make my lunch for work tomorrow… Ciao for now!

And interrupt you if you’re on your phone
Reminder alerts flash up on your home screen

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