Malaysia Fest is back in Trafalgar Square this Saturday



Malaysia Fest, UK’s largest celebration of Malaysian cuisine and culture, returns to Trafalgar Square this Saturday.

The free festival is on from midday to 10pm, and a large part of it will be taken up by a Malaysian food market, with approximately 20 restaurants offering a variety of dishes all priced around the £5 mark.


As well as the usual dishes such as mee goreng, roti canai, curries, sambals and laksas there will be more unusual dishes to look out for, including:

  • Pasembur (tofu, potato, flour, senkung, cucumber)
  • Mee rebus (dried shrimp, sweet potato, chili, squid, yellow noodles, half boiled egg, tofu)
  • Lockhing satay ikan (traditional Kelantan fish satay)
  • Keropok lekor (traditional Malay fish cracker snack from Terengganu)
  • Ayam kukus (steamed chicken)
  • Ayam pedas goreng bawang putih (spicy fried chicken)
  • Udang galah pangang limau pedas (spicy friend prawns).


When it comes to dessert, there will be traditional peanut pancakes, black rice and coconut pancake, banana, peanut and Nutella pancake and cekodak pisang (banana, flour, sugar).

After 6pm, the festival will come alive with cooking demonstrations from Tim Anderson, Ping Coombs and Norman Musa as well as energetic cultural performances showcasing Malaysian dance and theatre.

It promises to be a lively and enjoyable celebration of all things Malaysian – and the weather is looking good too. See you there!


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